Vision, Mission & Values

Statement of Philosophy

Since 1954, Second Presbyterian Weekday School has served children from all denominations.  While the school has grown over the years, its founding child-centric philosophy remains firmly intact.  The Weekday School early childhood program, infants through Kindergarten, implements intentional teaching ( thoughtfully using both indoor and outdoor environments to invite children to discover, problem-solve, create, document and share ideas) vs. directed teaching.  With the teacher-child relationship as the foundation, the Weekday School uniquely develops the six strengths children need to navigate the future successfully.

  • Attachment 
     “I have trusted adults who keep me safe and cherish me.”             
  • Affiliation 
     “I am a valued member of my learning group.”
  • Self-Regulation 
     “I can manage my strong emotions and am in control of my behavior.”
  • Initiative 
    “I am constantly growing, challenging myself to learn new things.”
  • Problem-Solving 
    “I can solve this problem.  I can work through conflicts with others.”
  • Respect/Empathy
     “I have unique gifts and challenges, and so do others.”


Through active, multi-sensory learning experiences driven by children’s natural curiosity and guided by teacher and group relationships, children at the Weekday School develop powerful learning habits, that create a solid foundation for the journey ahead.