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Application for Preschool Co-Teacher Position

Our Mission


Second Presbyterian Weekday School is a ministry of Second Presbyterian Church dedicated to the sanctity of childhood, igniting a lifelong love of learning, and committed to preserving the magic of childhood while building the foundation of skills necessary to be successful learners. At the heart of our approach is the view of the child as capable, competent, ready to enter relationships, and eager to learn.


Our Vision


- Meet children’s needs at each stage of the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual development.

- Allow children to learn through play, experiential learning and hands-on projects, developing creative and competent learners.

- Challenge children to discover the full range of their abilities.

- Create an environment that allows teachers and children to construct learning together, building upon the interests of the child to ensure learning is meaningful and connected to the group.

- Nurture children’s natural curiosity, joy, and sense of wonder that are essential to their identities as lifelong learners.

- Foster critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills.


Our Position


We are looking for an individual who:


- Has a minimum of two years of professional early childhood education experience (preferred).

- Has an associate’s degree in early childhood education or related field of study with a minimum of 30 credits in ECE preferred; or bachelor’s degree in education or related field of study.

- Has strong oral and written communication skills and basic computer skills.

- Is energetic and has the ability to work well with others (staff, children, and parents) and to foster a team environment.

- Has an understanding of child development.

- Has excellent leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

- In weekly planning sessions, can coordinate and implement educational curriculum by developing classroom activities based on developmentally-appropriate practices and early learning standards with co-teacher or mentor teacher.

- Leads by example, encouraging teaching team success through modeling and coaching.

- Plans individual and group age-appropriate activities to actively engage children and encourage social, cognitive and emotional growth.

- Maintains frequent communications with parents through informal discussions, conference reports, parent night events and parent-teacher conferences.

- Ensures all school policies and state regulations are met.

- Ensures a healthy classroom environment - including maintaining appropriate hygiene and cleanliness standards as well as the safety and security of children.

- Maintains accurate records, forms and files.

- Maintain a personal professional development plan to ensure continuous learning and quality improvement.

Please share how you learned about this position.*
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I have professional experience working with children from birth to six years.*
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I have an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, or higher in education or a related field of study.*
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I am able to move in the following ways with or without reasonable accommodations: Stand, sit, squat, kneel, or walk for extended periods of time; walk on different types of surfaces; climb staircases with ease. *
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I am able to work outdoors regularly for extended periods of time and in fluctuating temperatures and non-severe weather conditions with or without reasonable accommodations.*
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