CelvengerSecond Presbyterian Weekday School is truly home.  Since day one, our son has grown and thrived in classrooms designed to emphasize imaginative, academic, and personal development.  Its safe and stimulating environment allows his personality and self expression to shine.  Intuitive, insightful, and compassionate teachers have instilled confidence and pride in our previously timid boy.

I am constantly impressed with the staffs’ ability to use effective teaching strategies for children of al liabilities and educational backgrounds.  The entire staff works as a cohesive unit with a clear goal in mind – the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of our children.

The longer we spend as members of the 2nd Pres family, the more we are convinced this was the only place for our son.  The education he received here has prepared him academically and personally for whatever lies ahead.

Joy and Harry Clevenger
Crestwood, KY

The kids’ t-shirt says Kindergarten Rocks, buy why does it rock?  Why does 2nd Pres Rock?

When we relocated from Connecticut to Louisville back in 2004, our children were 3 and 4 years old.  One of our first concerns was to find a preschool for our children, a daunting task still living 13 hours away.  Both of my children had a fabulous experience at 2nd Pres.  When my son entered the 4s program we had a decision to make during that school year as to whether to keep him at 2nd Pres for kindergarten or go to a new school.

After touring multiple schools and still unsure of where to send him, we decided to keep him at 2nd Pres for kindergarten.  Andrew had a really good experience in the kindergarten program.  The teachers were also really good about talking to us in terms of giving us insight as to what kind of school would be the best fit in the long-run.  He needed a school where he could move.  He ended up going straight to St. Francis for 1st grade.

Andrew’s younger sister was given the choice to either stay at 2nd Pres for kindergarten or go with her brother to St. Francis.  The second option would have made my life easier but since Andrew got to be a part of such a rich and nurturing learning environment, we knew that Katherine would have the same experience if she stayed.  Katherine chose to stay and also went straight to 1st grade at St. Francis.

We completed the journey from 2s through kindergarten.  Parents are wasting their money if they think their child needs another kindergarten after completing the kindergarten program at 2nd Pres.  After the kids leave 2nd Pres, they are more than ready to conquer 1st grade.  They come out of 2nd Pres as very wee-prepared, confident, and happy kids who know how to take care of themselves and look out for each other.

My children look back at 2ndPres with fond memories all around.  It is a place that they can visit any time they want to and always feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.

Anita Hoag



As my son, Cole, was completing preschool as a 4 year old, we were faced with the unexpected dilemma of whether or not he was ready to attend public kindergarten, or if he needed another year to mature.  We sought the advice of friends, family, teacher and written resources, but still could not arrive at a definitive answer.  We knew we wanted him to continue with his love of learning in an academically rich environment, and yet we didn’t want to push him emotionally and socially past his developmental readiness.

Upon visiting 2nd Pres, we knew we had found the best of both worlds.  The environment and program matched in ever way the ideals that had been set up for me in my teacher education programs. We knew we could trust the well-trained and seasoned teachers to give us sound advice about his placement the following year.  WE also knew that regardless of whether he went on to kindergarten again or first grade, we would have given him the best possible foundation for developing his love of school and learning.

It has been a beautiful decision for us.  It’s amazing that his first year of school is over without fear, worry, or trepidation ever entering into the picture.  His social, emotional, and academic growth have all been nurtured equally.  His love for school is strong, and it is with confidence that he’ll be entering the first grade.

Anne and Bill Sanders



lenehanWhy we love 2nd Pres Kindergarten…

Her teachers!
Her classroom!
Her friends!
Her songs!
Her learning!
Her smile!
Her school pride!
Her acting debut!

This may be our daughter’s best school year memory that she will ever have!  Kindergartners are special.  Kindergarten is special.

I knew in my heart that kindergarten should not be just a “watered” down first grade at a big school.  We even did preschool at another school and came over to 2nd Pres Weekday School just for this kindergarten! Kindergarten is the goal of 2nd Pres, not just the gateway to spending 12 years there!  2nd Pres teachers know the research of kindergartners and how they learn.  They have high expectations for their students and provide such a strong curriculum to meet those expectations.

The classroom is filled with joy – and it is the perfect balance of creativity and structure.

2nd Pres can promise you a special year for your special kindergartner and as far as learning…these children are more than ready to go to first grade! (they may even be a little bored with first grade…)

Elizabeth Lenihan



delehantyOur son’s experience at 2nd Pres Weekday School has been filled with warmth, challenges and successes.  From his experiences in the 2s-kindergarten, he has gained the confidence in himself which allows him to step up to all academic challenges and social challenges.

He continues to admire each teacher who has provided him with interest in learning, the ability to form strong friendships and the independence to think for himself.

We know (but are sad) that he is ready to move on successfully to his next academic endeavor.  Thank you for the best learning foundation we could have asked for.  We are so glad that we completed the journey from the 2s through kindergarten.

Emily Delehanty



2nd Pres has been a blessing to my family.  When I was looking for a school for my children, I wanted a place where my children would be cared for, have fun, and learn.  They got this at 2nd Pres.  They got this and so much more.  2nd Pres is the best place in the world There is nowhere else that I would like my kids to spend time away from me.  Thirteen years and four children later,

2nd Pres Rocks!

Monica and Peter Hemmes

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