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Statement of Philosophy

Since 1954, Second Presbyterian Weekday School, as a ministry to the community, has served children from all denominations. While the school has grown over the years, it is founding child-centric philosophy remains firmly intact.

The Weekday School early childhood program, infants through Kindergarten, implements intentional teaching (using thoughtful use of both indoor and outdoor environments to provoke children to discover, problem-solve, create, document and share ideas) vs. directed teaching. With the teacher-child relationship as the foundation, the Weekday School uniquely develops the six strengths children need to view the world positively and navigate the world successfully.

  • Attachment- “I have trusted adults who keep me safe and cherish me.”
  • Affiliation- “I am a valued member of my learning group.”
  • Self-Regulation- “I can manage my strong emotions and am in control of my behavior.”
  • Initiative- “I am constantly growing, challenging myself to learn new things.”
  • Problem-Solving- “I can solve this problem… I can work through conflicts with others.”
  • Respect/Empathy- “I have unique gifts and challenges, and so do others.”

Through active, multi-sensory learning experiences driven by children’s natural curiosity and guided by teacher, group relationships, children at the Weekday School develop powerful learning habits, that lead to academic success.



Who We Are

The Weekday School is operated by a Board of Directors composed by both church members and parents. We report to the session of the church. We have over 45 qualified and experienced faculty and staff that includes classroom co-teachers, music and movement specialists, studio art teachers, early interventionists, office manager, leadership team, and Director. For 65 years, our talented team has provided programming that reflects developmentally appropriate practice.