Infants and Toddlers 9:00-9:15 #1 (Rite Aid) Parents enter and sign-in child
2s 8:55-9:05 #8 (Chapel Door) Older siblings may walk in with 2s or be dropped off if siblings in Infant/Toddler Program
3s 9:15-9:30 #8 (Chapel Door) Cars get in line after 9:10
4s 9:15-9:30 #9 (Atrium Door)

Cars get in line after 9:10

AM Kindergarten
AD Kindergarten

9:15-9:30 Back Playground Get in carpool line and follow around to playground






Infants and Toddlers 12:00-12:10 #1 (Rite Aid)

Parents walk in and sign child out

2s 11:55-12:05 #8 (Chapel Door)  
3s 12:15-12:30 #8  
4s and AM Kindergarten 12:15-12:30 #9 (Atrium Door)  
All Day Kindergarten 3:10-3:20 #9  
Lunch Bunch 3:00-3:10 Playground For inclement weather departure is from #8 (Chapel Door)
After Hour Care 5:00 #9

Parents walk in and check easel for room and sign child out














Arrival and Departure Times Will Be Enforced.

It is very important that your child(ren) be picked up on time when dismissed from school.  To insure smooth carpool times, it is critical that students in the 2s classes be picked up no later than 12:05.  Our dismissal time for 3s, 4s and morning Kindergarten classes is 12:15 and 3:10 for All Day Kindergarten and Lunch Bunch.  We ask that you be prompt so that your child(ren) will not be apprehensive and so that our staff can finish their duties in the classrooms.  If you arrive to pick up your child(ren) after 12:05 (ITP and 2s), 12:30 (3s, 4s, a.m. Kindergarten), 3:10 pm (Lunch Bunch) and 3:25 for All Day Kindergarten, you will be asked to go to the office to sign them out.  After the first time late pickups will be assessed a $10 late fee by invoice.

It is essential that children arrive on time and that they are not left waiting at the end of the day.  This allows the child to receive maximum benefit from the preschool experience.  Also, parents who are prompt in coming to get their children foster the development of trust.  It is very difficult for a young child to be the last one at preschool; waiting 5 minutes seems like an eternity.


Extended Day Services and Policies

We offer various programs for families who need extended hours.  These programs are offered for an additional fee and are available on a pre-registered basis. Payment is due at the time of sign-in if child has not pre-registered as a “regular”. If openings become available, they can be filled on a first come, first served basis.  Drop in care is not available.  All programs operate on the preschool calendar and on a daily basis.  The Extended Day Programs are open to children who are enrolled in the Weekday School.  Registration for all programs began in August.  If any spaces remain unfilled, anyone not enrolled but interested in one of the programs may obtain a registration form in the Extended Day Office.  The Extended Day Director is Ms. Sara Scott, and she can be reached by calling the school and leaving a message between 8:45 am and 3:10 pm.   Contact Nina Hilbert at 895-3483 for Extended Day offerings in the Infant/Toddler Program.


Early Morning Services (8:00 – 9:15 am)

Children arrive at 8:00 am via the main school door (Atrium door) and go directly to the Fun Room (follow signs) or Infant/Toddler Room.  Each child must be accompanied into the classroom by a parent or designated adult caregiver. Parents must sign the child in.  Never leave a child unless a representative of the Weekday School is present. Children may relax, engage in art experiences or large motor play or read books prior to their regular class during this early morning session.  Children will be taken to their regular classroom sessions at 9:00 or 9:15 am. 


Lunch Bunch Services (12:15 – 3:00 pm)


Children are typically taken to the Lunch Bunch gathering room at 12:10 p.m.  If there are a sufficient number of children participating, a second classroom will be staffed.  If a child arrives after 12:10 pm, a parent or designated adult must accompany the child to the Lunch Bunch room.  Never leave your child unless a teacher is present.  Children eat lunch at approximately 1:15 pm.  Dismissal is at 3:00 pm from the playground.  Parents may pick up their child at the school’s main entrance on the backside of the Chapel during this time if there is inclement weather.

 Children attending “Lunch Bunch” will need to bring a lunch from home in a bag or lunch box marked with his or her name.  Milk and/or water will be provided.  Please send nutritious lunches that do not need refrigeration or reheating.  No candy or sodas please!


After Care Hours (3:00-5:00)

“After Care” is a multi-age option that will be informal planned experiences via the “Fun Room”, “Light and Shadow Room” and other experiences.


The Cabinet of Health Services in Kentucky requires that lunches brought from home include:

  • Milk (which we provide)
  • Protein
  • Two (2) vegetables or
  • One (1) vegetable and one (1) fruit
  • One (1) bread


Please send lunches that comply with our state regulations.   We encourage you to bring foods that provide wholesome nutrition for your child.  If you must include dessert, provide fruit or yogurt instead of cookies and sweets!

Please understand that the daily staff is hired according to the number of children pre-registered.  If there are more applicants than available spaces, names will be placed on a waiting list.  When the length of the waiting list merits opening an additional session, you will be notified and your child will be given a room assignment.  Credit will be given only in the cases of school closing due to inclement weather or when a child misses an entire school day due to illness.  All extended day fees will be nonrefundable.  This is a tuition-based program.

When a day of school is missed due to an illness, make-up days may become available for that month.  The school should be notified of your child’s illness by 8:30 am.  All make-up days must be scheduled within the month of the missed day (due to illness).  Please refer to the Extended Day Payment Schedule in the back of this handbook. 

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