Enrichment Programs & Resources

The resources we offer immeasurably enhance our students’ experiences.  Our LIBRARY, with over 4,500 volumes for children (and hundreds more for teachers and parents!) is one of the best stocked in the city and it continues to grow.  Poster-sized books, stuffed animals, puppets and other visual aids help make literature come alive for children in their classrooms.

Our PLAYGROUND FACILITIES, professionally designed and built, offer plenty of opportunities for the children to run, climb, and play safely in the fresh air.  Weather permitting, the children play outdoors each day.

Our SPEECH PROGRAM allows us to identify children who may need help and give them the assistance they need to communicate effectively.

Our MUSIC CLASSES promote life-long love and appreciation of music.  Our children discover their singing voices, their listening skills, their responses to rhythm with movement and the joy they feel from singing with others.

Our MOVEMENT CLASSES give our children the opportunity to enhance their self-esteem through physical accomplishments.  They develop skills in balance and coordination as they refine their large motor skills – all in a relaxed environment.

Our COMPUTERS, located in the Kindergarten classrooms and Library, provide a world of learning opportunities in a format that the children enjoy.

There are many other aspects that make our school a special place – too many to mention – so we invite you to come and see for yourself.  School tours are conducted — encourage your friends to give us a call to let us know when to arrange a tour after September.


Early Childhood Intervention


The school employs an Early Childhood Interventionist Coordinator who visits all classrooms to support children in their developmental journey. The Interventionist’s responsibilities include: observation of children, developmental screenings, and support to faculty and parents.  Additional outside services may be requested at the parents’ expense (speech and hearing assessments, physical or occupational therapy, family therapy, etc).  If specialized needs are identified in your child, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be developed by an inter-disciplinary team in consultation with parents.  This team may include the director or administrator of the Weekday School, teachers, therapists, and/or pediatricians.  The IEP will outline developmental goals and strategies to achieve these goals.  If parents decline to participate and/or support the Individual Education Plan, and the school cannot best meet the individual needs of a child, the child may be required to withdraw.  On occasion, parents may need to hire additional support professionals for their child or may be asked to contribute to the costs of specialists needed for their child’s particular needs.  All support staff hired to facilitate an individual child’s learning must attend the school’s staff meetings and planning sessions with the teacher and be approved by the school’s Interdisciplinary Committee.

The school’s Coordinator of Early Childhood Intervention serves as a resource person for teachers, an observer to detect patterns of behavior, and, after conferencing with teachers and parents may conduct an informal assessment.  The results of the assessment are shared with the parents and teachers and are used to develop a plan of action to better serve the needs of the child.


Speech/Language Screening

Optional speech-language screenings are conducted at school.  This optional service is at the parents’ expense.  Permission forms are sent out prior to the screening dates for each class.  Screenings for 4s and kindergarten classes are completed in the early fall and screenings for 3s are completed after winter break unless requested earlier.  Children in the Infant and Toddler Program and 2s classes are not routinely seen for screenings, however, if a special request is made by teacher, parent or other support staff, special screening arrangements can be made.

The school’s speech/language pathologist is available for further comprehensive speech and language evaluation and for speech and language therapy.  These services can be provided on-site during regular school hours, if desired. The cost of these services is also the responsibility of the parents.  The rate is set by the speech pathologist and the school does not receive any portion of these fees.


Vision Screening

All children in our 3s classes receive a free vision screening each Spring.  You will be contacted, if further evaluation is recommended.



Our environment at 2nd Pres is intriguing…it is aesthetically pleasing, and cultivates children’s curiosity and imagination.  Everything in the school is planned with children’s development in consideration — from the soft colors of the wall to the tone of the teacher’s voice.  Safety is always a primary concern.  Each classroom is arranged in organized learning areas that invite all children into the mainstream of learning in a non-threatening way.  The outdoor environment has also been thoughtfully arranged and is an extension of the classroom.  One of the major purposes of the indoor and outdoor environments is to provide a variety of activities that match the child’s developmental needs, abilities and interests.  All young children need a nurturing environment.

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